Learning via Subtitling:
Software & Processes for Developing
Language Learning Material based on Film Subtitling
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The LvS environment

Learning via Subtitling (LvS) is a subtitling simulator designed for educational activities' purposes in language learning. Teachers can use the authoring mode of this software tool to create activities based on subtitling for film-scenes, news, documentaries etc. Learners, on the other hand, can employ it to carry out tasks ranging from filling in the gaps to placing mixed subtitles in the correct order, and from transcribing the original utterances to translating them and creating new subtitles.The LvS main screen is divided in four basic areas:
  • The video player area allows the learner to view, rewind and forward the film, with or without subtitles.
  • The Document viewer area allows the learner to view the instructions and other files necessary for the activity (information about the clip, the script, exercises, etc.)
  • The Subtitle editor area allows the learner to edit and manage the subtitles. Each subtitle line is divided in four columns where the subtitle’s data is viewed: Start time and End time (the temporal points in the clip when the subtitle text appears on the screen and disappears), Duration, and Subtitle text. The next two columns can be used for teacher and learner comments. The teacher can mark the subtitle line with an icon (“well done”, “warning” etc.) which when clicked takes the student to the Notes area.
  • The Notes area allows the learner and the teacher to exchange feedback. It is divided in general notes and comments per subtitle.


Figure 2: Screenshot of an LvS learning activity

Other Software Features:

  • Authoring mode (see Glossary in this tutorial)
  • Importing (Packed activity, Video, Subtitles, Documents)
  • Exporting (Packed activity with or without video, Subtitles, Documents)
  • Student and Teacher general Notes and per subtitle Comments
  • Multiple Documents in different tabs available
  • Auto-resizing parts of the interface
  • Option to write subtitle text directly under the player with simultaneous update of the subtitle grid
  • Most recently used files list
  • Buttons "Set subtitle start" and "Set subtitle end" modifying the Start time and End time of an existing subtitle

The files needed for the creation of an activity (input files) are:

a)      a multimedia file: eg. a film scene, a video-clip, a documentary.

b)      one or more documents: e.g. a powepoint presentation with the instructions, an MS Word document with an exercise.

c)       a subtitle file - unless the activity requires the students to create their own subtitles.

LvS runs under Windows 2000 or Windows XP and Windows Vista.


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