Learning via Subtitling:
Software & Processes for Developing
Language Learning Material based on Film Subtitling
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Κυριακή, 11 Απρίλιος 2021
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Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB)
The Transilvania University of Brasov (UTBv)
University of the Algarve (UALG)
Roehampton University
University of Pecs

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It is becoming increasingly evident to FL teachers and researchers that there is no one and only guaranteed teaching method and that a variety of technical and methodological resources are needed in the classroom. It is now commonplace to say that audiovisual material with its rich context is a powerful instructional tool known to have a motivational, attentional, and affective impact on viewers, which in turn facilitates auditory processing. However, learners need to be trained to develop active viewing strategies for an efficient use of audiovisual material, which very often is not feasible for lack of motivation. Therefore, tools and methods, such as the ones proposed here, are necessary to counter passivity when working with audiovisual material.

More specifically, this approach aims to cover the need for:

  • creation of active learning, task-based activities where cultural elements are involved in an authentic and motivating way and which expose the learners to highly contextualised language input
  • productive use of multimedia as the core of an activity and not as a nice add-on
  • creation of reusable activities requiring a relatively low level of computer literacy by tutors developing such activities;
  • soundness of the development methodology and transferability across various languages and educational systems.

In the proposed activity the student is asked, after some introductory tasks, to create subtitles or complete unfinished ones for a film scene selected according to the teacher's specific pedagogical goals. The outcome of this activity (the subtitled clip), unlike most FL learning activities used in the classroom, is practical and concrete given that the student's work provides an actual product which can be viewed by and shared with other students and teachers.




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