Learning via Subtitling:
Software & Processes for Developing
Language Learning Material based on Film Subtitling
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Κυριακή, 11 Απρίλιος 2021
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Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB)
The Transilvania University of Brasov (UTBv)
University of the Algarve (UALG)
Roehampton University
University of Pecs

Expected Impact Print E-mail

Direct benefits will flow to:

  • participating universities' tutors who will be extending their inventory of tutoring techniques with the subtitling activities. Due to the relatively low level of computer literacy required to use the software environment, a large number of tutors is expected to become self-sufficient in developing material.
  • participating universities' students will directly benefit from being involved in new learning activities, in their existing learning environment. These activities may be a minor change in the overall learning environment but their potential for introducing new concepts in foreign language learning is substantial.

As a result of the free distribution of the project products (open source software environment, guide, library of video clips etc.) through the project portal and the dissemination of the project outcomes through scientific publications and the workshop organised at the end of the project, the following target groups are also expected to be benefited:

  • tutors and students from institutions not participating in the project: language schools, universities, associations of foreign language teachers, etc. will benefit from using the software and the educational model, which will give them the possibility to enrich their teaching and learning activities.
  • researchers interested in the use of ICT in education, and more specifically in the use of new techniques for foreign language learning and teaching such as subtitling learning activities.
  • software development teams in Universities, Research Institutes and Private Companies active in this field who will be encouraged to further develop and enhance the tool's features and capabilities.

The project's expected impact includes:

  • From an educational point of view, the engagement of many tutors (universities, language schools, associations of foreign language teachers etc.) even beyond the project duration, due to i) the reusable aspect of project outcomes, ii) the relatively low level of computer literacy expected from tutors in order to use the tool and develop such activities, iii) the possibility given to tutors to broaden their experience and outlook of using ICT for in-classroom activities and iv) the flexibility of the tool in terms of supporting all European languages (multilinguality)
  • From an academic point of view, the project will serve as a sound research resource for universities and research institutes.
  • From a technical point of view, the delivery of the tool as a free open source software is expected to encourage development teams in Universities, Research Institutes, and Private Companies active in this field to further develop and enhance the tool's features and capabilities.


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