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Through this sample activity you can see some of the LvS software's functionalities. To open it, follow these steps: 1. Download and install LvS?software.2. Download and save this Sample Activity (SampleActivity2.lvs) on your desktop. 3. Open SampleActivity2.lvs by double-clicking on the file.5. A prompt appears. Select the folder where you want the activity to be unpacked. (A folder will be created with all the activity's contents). 6. Now you should be able to see the video, the instructions and the first three subtitles on the LvS screen.
Please read this document before you download LvS Version 2.
Download LvS_2.5.2.zip and SampleActivity2.lvsExtract LvS_2.5.2.zip.Run setup.exe. You may be asked to download Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0.Start the application by clicking on the shortcut created in your Desktop.Import the activity: File > Import > Packed Activity > Browse… (SampleActivity2.lvs)A prompt appears letting you select the folder where activity will be unpacked.Have a look at the tutorial: Help > LvS Help or press F1.
This is the LvS software. Click to download and then install. Fix for Office files not opening up inside LvS windowissue: LvS doesn't open doc, ppt or pdf files embedded in the Packed activity in the text area. The error message is Type the correct address .Try this:· Press the FIX IT button at the following page:http://support.microsoft.com/?id=927009then run the program it downloads to fix the issue where Office 2007 documents open outside of the LvS window (fixes the issue with Internet Explorer too which LvS is using internally)· When you open a LvS activity you may be asked to open or save the file for each file - select open and DO check to not be asked again (since it gets very annoying). Since this not ask again will be remembered for IE too, if you want to clear it later on see the following article http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows-vista/reset-opensave-choice-for-internet-explorer-downloads-in-vista/it has a zip download at the end of the page, can open that zip and run the .reg file it has, replying yes to merge changes in registry. This will reset all remembered don't ask again for this file for Open/Save dialog of IE and next time you open such file IE will ask about open/save again
This is a?LvS demo video (screen capture), displaying most of the software functionalities. It lasts about 4 minutes. Narration will soon be available.
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