The Teaching / Learning Environment

The LvS software environment and the produced activities can be used in existing Foreign Language learning environments and are designed to promote active and highly motivated learning. In order for the activity to be carried out the use of PCs is required, and it can be performed in the classroom, at the school/university lab, or at home. The activity outcomes (e.g. subtitle files) are assessed by teachers or by peers, depending on the competences to be evaluated (language correction, style appropriateness, etc.)

As regards the general teaching/learning environment, LvS can be used in intermediate or advanced levels, in any real or virtual classroom and within any curriculum, as it does not imply any change in the methodology used. It has to be noted that the products and the pedagogical model proposed here concern the insertion of an activity in the foreign language course and not a modification of the curriculum. These activities may be a minor change in the overall learning environment but their potential for introducing new concepts in foreign language learning is substantial. LvS is also adequate for use in an autonomous learning environment, given that its “instructions” component can provide all the necessary steps for self-study.