The project's main pedagogical and technical objectives are:

  • To develop educational material for foreign language learning based on the idea of film subtitling. An open-source software environment (LvS), i.e. a tool, a prototype of which already exists, will be further developed and used to create language-learning activities. Through this tool and activities, the student is asked to add subtitles to a film thus engaging in active listening and writing tasks and real life communication awareness (pragmalinguistics), in a way that integrates existing multimedia capabilities. Therefore, multimedia will be used as the core of an activity which even when presented as an exercise for learning remains a valid real-world engaging task.
  • To engage European university tutors in developing material for learning Greek, Hungarian, Romanian, Portuguese and Spanish as foreign languages.
  • To utilize the learning material in actual university courses.
  • To evaluate the material from the point of view of both the tutor and the student.
  • To analyze the process of developing learning material and to propose an explicit best-practice implementation roadmap.
  • To disseminate the results of the project by i) setting up and operating a portal, for effective partner communication and promotion of project outcomes, ii) diffusion of the project's results to the scientific community through scientific publications and participation in fora, iii) distribution of the products on an open-source license basis to interested parties, iv) integration of LvS in the participating universities' curricula, v) the organization of a workshop in September 2008.